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Our Reason Why

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is something that we should strive to have. For some, healthy habits were prompted by a life crisis; for others, it's the thought of truly feeling good after you eat; and sometimes it's just plain vanity. Whatever drives us to make better decisions about moving our bodies and fueling them properly, we know that adopting healthy eating habits takes dedication!


As advocates for active and healthy lifestyle choices, we were always in search of healthy yet delicious snacks and products. We founded Three Peaches Gelato understanding that the main reason people tend to fall off of the healthy choices wagon is that it's hard to let go of the treats and daily staples in our lives that contain dairy, processed sugars, and artificial flavors...especially in the beginning! 

Three Peaches Gelato Founders

So, if eating salads and grains and bland proteins to get the nutrition you desire has you bored and craving something decadent that will keep you on your health track, Three Peaches Gelato is here to save the day!

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