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  • What are low-glycemic sweeteners?
    We only use natural sweeteners that are no higher than 30 on the glycemic index. This means that our gelatos wont raise your blood sugar super fast like other sweeteners. We also keep our sugar content relatively low.
  • How are all your flavors dairy free but not all are vegan?
    Some of our flavors use marine collagen. We use this ingredient in very small amount for the protein needed to make the gelato (all gelato needs a protein) and we use this for a few flavors due to its health benefits! Marine collagen is the most bioavailable collagen for our bodies, strengthening bones, skin, joints and hair! For all the rest we use pea protein! Another great ingredient with a lot of health benefits.
  • Why arent some of your gelato flavors soft?
    The always non-dairy, low-sugar contents of our gelato base, and negative 30 degree blast freeze process used to capture the freshness of our seasonal ingredients in every batch creates a creamy product that's a little more firm than a traditional animal fat gelato. Yet that's only when the gelato comes right out of the freezer. To experience the ultimate smooth and creamy texture you're looking for, let your gelato sit for 5-10 min outside of the freezer before serving.
  • What is Gelato? How is it different that Ice Cream?
    Gelato is Italian-style ice cream. Compared to traditional American-style ice cream, it is characterized by being lower fat, lower overrun (i.e., has less air whipped into it), and is generally served at a warmer temperature. It is more concentrated in flavor and consistency.
  • How is Three Peaches Gelato different than other gelatos?
    Our gelato is always dairy-free. Therefore we create our own non-dairy gelato bases made of almond, coconut and oath milk, as well as other health-packed ingredients like sunflower seed butter, coconut oil, and more. It all just depends on the flavor. For instance, some flavors are sorbettos which use just water as the main gelato base. We like to get creative!
  • More...
    We like to make this dessert as guilt free as possible. While we aren't sugar-free, we use healthier options and use fresh seasonal flavors, fruits, pea protein, collagen, healthy fibers and herbs. You can feel and taste the difference!
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